INFiLED optimizes display solution for Jinan Huarui conference room

INFiLED optimizes LED display solution for Jinan Huarui conference room

In April 2022, Jinan Huarui Railway Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. invested a LED screen measuring 4.8m by 2.7m for its conference room. This large-scale screen, from INFiLED's WP series, features deep contrast, soft brightness, and realistic colors, greatly optimizing the visual communication of the corporation's various conference presentations.

Before then, Jinan Huarui used to apply a projector to demonstrate conference content, while this method was largely affected by the surrounding light; to ensure the luminance of the projection screen, it was necessary to turn off the lights in the room and draw the curtains in advance. For building a more efficient display solution, the corporation replaced the projector with an LED screen with a stronger light output.

The WP series screen installed in the Jinan Huarui conference room has a brightness of 1000nits and a pixel pitch of only 1.56mm, delivering brilliant image quality. At conferences, the important information demonstrated by presenters on this high-definition, evenly-brightened screen is clear to all attendees. Moreover, when playing videos, this screen can present smooth and vivid images with its 3840Hz refresh rate and high color saturation, giving a comfortable watching experience for attendees.

The conference-room screen made of INFiLED also features other advantages besides its outstanding visual expression. One is that it is equipped with an anti-collision frame to protect its constituent cabinets from damage. Another is that it supports front maintenance; when the screen fails, technicians can use the vacuum suction tool (optional) provided by INFiLED to easily disassemble the faulty LED panels and perform maintenance.

About WP series

WP series is INFiLED's most remarkable fine pixel pitch LED display, it adopts the most advanced IMD&SMD encapsulation technology. Its LED panels have a long lifespan; feature a wide color gamut, high brightness, and high contrast ratio of up to 20000:1, delivering exquisite and vivid pictures with vibrant color and rich details. This series is the best display solution for a range of indoor scenarios including control & command centers, studios, conference rooms, and digital showrooms.


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