INFiLED MV series screen installed at Mianyang Nanjiao Airport

INFILED airport LED display wonderful case study

In September, INFiLED built a 54-square-meter LED screen for Mianyang Nanjiao Airport. This giant screen with superior image quality is installed in the departure hall of the airport's soon-to-open Terminal 2, and it will be mainly employed to display real-time information related to flight departures in the future.

Mianyang Nanjiao Airport is the second largest airport in Sichuan Province and one of the fastest-growing airports in China in recent years. To cope with the ever-increasing passenger flow, Nanjiao Airport is prepared to officially open Terminal 2 by year-end. As for the digital presentation of the terminal, the airport chose INFiLED's MV series as part of its.

The screen made of MV series adopted by the airport has a pixel pitch of merely 3.91mm and a resolution of 4608*768. Located above the security checkpoint of the terminal building, its display content is clear at a glance, which is convenient for passengers to check flight and boarding gate status updates.

This screen that performs well in delivering information also has many highlights in design. For one, it has a stable and durable aluminum profile system frame to effectively prevent LED panels and other components from being damaged due to external forces during transportation and installation. Besides, it features another superior of being lightweight, each cabinet weighs only 19kg, which saves technicians a lot of effort in screen assembly.

Since the large-format screen in the airport is required to turn on for a long time, its stable operation is crucial. In this regard, the MV series applied is quite reliable. It has excellent heat dissipation that efficaciously avoids high temperatures of the central control system and keeps the screen running at its best. Plus, it supports front and rear maintenance. In the event of a screen malfunction, faulty parts can be disassembled rapidly for servicing, to minimize screen downtime.

About MV series

The INFiLED MV series is suitable for a wide range of fixed outdoor advertising applications including plazas, commercial districts, and transportation hubs. As far as the manufacturing technique is concerned, the MV series adopts a lightweight aluminum profile system frame, which has high durability, and IP65 front and rear, which can operate well in various outdoor places. Moreover, this series delivers exceptional and vivid image quality with high brightness, high refresh rate, and high contrast in any lighting condition.


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