INFiLED light pole displays set up on Yingyuehu Street, Foshan

INFiLED LED smart light pole screen

In July, some high-quality small-sized LED displays were neatly installed on the light poles of Yingyuehu Street in Foshan. All of them are made of INFiLED's WL series. With high-definition picture quality and stable operational performance, the displays help the street office promote public content around the clock.

Before then, the display solution that Yingyuehu Street adopted was to put posters on noticeboards beside the street. For more efficient information dissemination, the street office decided to accept INFiLED light pole displays instead. These digital displays, which can switch content flexibly, inform passersby of up-to-date information such as health initiatives, public welfare campaigns, and traffic guidance in a concise manner.

In addition to providing convenience for content promotion, another benefit of light pole displays is space-efficient. The WL series of displays applied this time have a frame size of 0.66m*1.43m, a thickness of merely 76mm, and were installed at a suitable height on the light poles, looking graceful and taking up no street space. When lit up at night, their vibrant colors also serve to beautify the street environment.

INFiLED light pole displays set up on Yingyuehu Street, Foshan

In terms of display performance, these displays feature a pixel pitch of 3.9mm and a high refresh rate of 3840Hz, supporting a sharp and smooth information display. Moreover, an automatic dimming system is employed by them to suit the surrounding environment. At night or on cloudy days, their low brightness mode turns on by itself to avoid glare and economize energy; under strong sunlight, their brightness is available to auto-adjustable up to 5000nits to ensure content is highly visible.

About INFiLED WL series

WL series is an outdoor LED display product of INFiLED, which is suitable for installation on various poles. It has pixel pitches from 2.5mm to 3.91mm, and a high refresh rate of 3840Hz, ensuring a smooth and accurate information display. Besides, it features a pleasing appearance, supports specification customization, and provides single and double-sided display options. This series can be installed on street light poles beside public roads or in commercial districts, parks, squares, and communities.


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