INFiLED Customizes WP Series Screens for MGM Casinos

In April, MGM Resorts International installed new screens at two of its casinos for informational displays and commercials. These screens were provided by INFiLED, including five sets of column screens and three flat screens, all made of WP series.

INFiLED WP series small pitch LED curved screen

In the splendid casino of MGM Macau, the five pillars in the center of the venue were installed with INFiLED's screens on all four sides, scrolling and playing pictures of brand products and entertainment instructions. Each of these pillar screens is 1.5m*1.35m in size, with a high contrast ratio of 5000:1 and a 160° viewing angle, conveying key messages in the casino to players completely and clearly.

INFiLED WP series small pitch LED curved screen

Since the four screens installed on each pillar are connected at right angles, if there is obvious unevenness at the connection, the overall aesthetics will be affected. The cabinets of the WP series are ultra-thin, and their edge thickness is less than 30mm, which can be seamlessly mounted on the pillar walls, and when spliced into right-angle screens, the connections between the screens are smooth and natural. Visually, the applications of this series are aesthetic and neat in shape.

INFiLED WP Series Small Pitch HD LED Screen

In another MGM casino located in Cotai, INFiLED created three indoor flat LED screens there. These screens feature a pixel pitch of only 1.87mm, a high refresh rate of 3840Hz, and an anti-glare design to display smooth and high-definition pictures. In casino activities, playing celebrate texts and images through these quality LED screens is a great way to delight players.

About INFiLED WP series

WP series is INFiLED's most remarkable fine pixel pitch LED display, it adopts the most advanced IMD&COB encapsulation technology. The panel has a long lifespan with sophisticated fine pixel pitch. Features a wide color gamut, high brightness, and high contrast ratio of up to 20000:1. WP series can offer an exquisite and vivid picture with vibrant color and rich detail. It is the best solution for a range of indoor applications including conferences, control & command centers, studios, schools, and digital showrooms.


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