Quality INFiLED light pole screens along the Avenue of Stars in Beijing

Quality INFiLED light pole screens along the Avenue of Stars in Beijing

In March, some double-sided LED displays were neatly installed on light poles along the Avenue of Stars in Beijing. These light pole displays are made by INFiLED, which are generous in appearance and excellent in visual effect, with a pixel pitch of only 3.91mm, adding the whole avenue vitality.

The Avenue of Stars is located in the Starlight Film and Television Park, a national TV program production base. To optimize the park’s digital layout and convey its visions, INFiLED was brought in to provide a LED display solution for the Avenue of Stars. Connecting with the practical situation, INFiLED adopted the WL series to make 48 pieces of high-quality LED displays with light poles as supports.

Since these displays are exposed to the open air, their brightness must be variable to maintain comfortable visual effects. The applied WL series has a built-in dimming system that automatically reduces brightness to suit the surrounding environment at night or on cloudy days, which not only ensures highly visible but also helps save energy.

Moreover, the maintenance method of the WL series is designed to be as convenient as possible, considering that the pole displays are set at a certain height. It is equipped with an independent PDU, which is simple to remove for inspection and replacement. At the same time, front maintenance is supported; its modules can be quickly taken down using a magnetic suction tool and then conducted maintenance.

In addition to outstanding performance in vision and maintenance, the brilliant displays beside the Avenue of Stars also feature high reliability. These displays are made of aluminum profile, with a protection class of IP65 on the front and rear, and flame-retardant grades of UL94 V-0, effectively ensuring safe use in various weather conditions. Also, first-rate antenna connectors are configured for stable signal transmission to guarantee continuous and fluent display.

About INFiLED WL series

WL series is an outdoor LED display product of INFiLED, which is suitable for installation on various poles. It has pixel pitches from 2.5mm to 3.91mm, and a high refresh rate of 3840Hz, ensuring a smooth and accurate information display. Besides, it features a pleasing appearance, supports specification customization, and provides single and double-sided display options. This series can be installed on traffic poles beside public roads or on street light poles in commercial districts, parks, squares, and communities.


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