INFiLED LED Display Upgraded the Control Room of Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport

INFiLED LED Display Upgraded the Control Room of Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport

Shenzhen, China, February 14, 2022-- INFiLED, a global leader of LED displays, set up a large, ultra-thin and fine-pixel-pitch LED display in the control room of Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport to upgrade the visual experience of the operating team who keep a close eye on the traffic within the airport through the surveillance camera.

Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport is a significant transportation hub in China offering international services to both passengers and cargo. To better supervise traffic flow and rapidly respond to emergencies, INFiLED was chosen by the airport to equip its control room with a high-performance LED display.

Measuring 6.6 meters wide and 1.85 meters high, the screen is mounted on the room’s front wall and impresses viewers with extraordinary image quality. With a fine pixel pitch of 1.25mm and such features as high refresh rate and high contrast ratio, it produces sharp pictures with fine details. Even when multiple windows are on the screen simultaneously, an excellent visual experience is not affected.

The INFiLED flagship product – the WP series, is adopted for this project and turns out a perfect choice due to its mere thickness of 29.5mm and superb display performance within a wide viewing angle. In addition, the WP series supports easy front service by employing a vacuum suction tool, minimizing screen downtime.

About INFiLED WP series

The WP series is a perfect solution for any installation requiring ultra-high definition. With a panel ratio of 16:9 and pixel pitch ranging from 0.9mm to 3.1mm, it can be easily assembled into 2K, 4k, 8K resolution LED displays.


INFiLED is a leading high-tech manufacturer specialized in the development and provision of large format LED display solutions. INFiLED's product application range covers digital signage needs across the transportation, sports and conference & exhibitions sectors, in addition to providing solutions for command & control as well as corporate branding and meetings scenarios, in addition to other creative applications. The firm possesses over 178 patents, among the most in the industry. With installations in over 85 countries, INFiLED is one of the world's leading LED screen brands, dedicated to the mission of enlightening the world with a visual feast!

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