The National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin) chose INFiLED LED Displays for its Conference Hall

The National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin) chose INFiLED LED Displays for its Conference Hall

Shenzhen, China, February 10th, 2022—INFiLED, a global leader of LED displays, is excited to install three LED displays in hall S16 of the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin). With tens of millions of pixels, the central screen, 26 meters wide and 8 meters high, and the two side screens, each 9 meters wide and 5 meters high, offer ultra-clear and graphic visual content to all audiences in the hall.

It was built together by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China and the Tianjin Municipal People's Government. This convention and exhibition center is a super-large exhibition complex equipped with high-end facilities to hold national and international conferences.

The super lightweight and slim profile tailored the GX series for this project. The GX series provides a high refresh rate and brightness, which guarantees an excellent viewing experience under any lighting condition. In addition, the GX series adopts power-efficient chips to be environmentally friendly. The cabinet supports the fast replacement of the malfunctioning modules by either front or rear service to deliver the best display performance at each conference.

INFiLED Service Team was responsible for the installation work and finished it smoothly.

About INFiLED GX series

The GX series has not only an indoor version but also a IP65-rated outdoor version that withstands various harsh weather conditions. Apart from its marvelous visual display, the GX series cabinet can be bent within 10° to form concave or convex arcs, thus capable of building screens of different shapes.


INFiLED is a leading high-tech manufacturer specialized in the development and provision of large format LED display solutions. INFiLED's product application range covers digital signage needs across the transportation, sports and conference & exhibitions sectors, in addition to providing solutions for command & control as well as corporate branding and meetings scenarios, in addition to other creative applications. The firm possesses over 178 patents, among the most in the industry. With installations in over 85 countries, INFiLED is one of the world's leading LED screen brands, dedicated to the mission of enlightening the world with a visual feast!

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