INFiLED MV Series Outdoor LED Display add brilliance to Jinnan TV Station

INFiLED MV Series outdoor LED display add brilliance to Jinnan TV Station

Shenzhen, China, January 16th, 2022—INFiLED, a global leader of LED displays, set up two large outdoor LED displays on the façade of two buildings for Jinan TV Station in Jinan city, China. They broadcast daily news and play educational videos to improve citizens' safety awareness. In case of emergency, these two LED displays work as the direct windows to speak to the public to ensure things go in order.

INFiLED MV Series outdoor LED display add brilliance to Jinnan TV Station

INFiLED recommended its MV series outdoor LED display featuring a thin, lightweight but strong profile and stunning visual performance for this project. The two LED displays are of different sizes facing bustling roads, one 16.5 meters wide and 11.5 meters high and the other 8 meters wide and 5 meters high. Thanks to the high brightness, high refresh rate, high contrast ratio, and wide viewing angle of the screen, the content on it is clear and bright from a long distance away, catching the eyes of pedestrians and drivers quickly. Neither strong sunlight nor heavy rain would make either LED display fail as their protection level is up to IP65 against water and dust.

About MV Series

The high-performance MV series LED display is easy to transport and carry with its weight reduced to19kg per cabinet. It supports both front and rear service, and uniform modules and independent power and data units simplify the service work. Multiple panel dimensions are available, including 1000x1000mm, 1000x500mm, 500x1000mm, and 500x500mm, meeting various demands.


INFiLED is a leading high-tech manufacturer specialized in the development and provision of large format LED display solutions. INFiLED's product application range covers digital signage needs across the transportation, sports and conference & exhibitions sectors, in addition to providing solutions for command & control as well as corporate branding and meetings scenarios, in addition to other creative applications. The firm possesses over 178 patents, among the most in the industry. With installations in over 85 countries, INFiLED is one of the world's leading LED screen brands, dedicated to the mission of enlightening the world with a visual feast!

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