INFILED Street Lamp Post Digital Signages Lighting the Swire's Wharfs Road in Guangzhou

INFILED Street Lamp Post Digital Signages Lighting the Swire's Wharfs Road in Guangzhou

Guangzhou, China, October 15th, 2021—INFiLED, a global leader of LED displays, is delighted to see a row of 74 lamp post digital signages stretching along the Swire's Wharfs Road in Guangzhou, China.

Adjacent to the Swire's Wharfs Road sits the Swire's Wharfs, a time-honored transport hub transformed into a popular modern scenic spot. To better regulate its surrounding traffic and attract more visitors, the local government initiated updating the street lights to build a more integrated network of traffic and community.

The third generation of INFiLED lamp post digital signage, WL3.0 series, made its impressive presence in this project along the Swire's Wharfs Road, with a total of 74 1m x 0.5m panels covering more than one kilometer. By displaying various eye-catching visual contents, they serve multiple functions, such as informing people of the daily weather forecast, sending notifications in case of emergency, recommending tour sites, advertising, and educating viewers to be more civilized. The versatility also comes with simple remote control, saving much labor and material cost.

Whether under the scorching sunlight, or battered by winds and rains, these IP65-rated LED digital signages to operate smoothly and automatically adjust the brightness to offer the best visual experience.

About INFiLED WL3.0 Series

The WL3.0 series LED display is specially designed to be installed on the lamp post to upgrade the traffic system. A slim and light frame offers a stable clear and bright content transmission and supports automatic brightness adjustment. Moreover, it’s IP65 rated against water and dust, and V-0 rated according to the UL 94 plastics flammability standard, thus able to withstand different harsh weathers.


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