INFiLED's Large LED Display standing at Chongqing Daguan Highway

INFiLED Chongqing Daguan Service Area LED Display Case Picture

CHONGQING, China, August 17, 2021 -- INFiLED, a leading global manufacturer of LED displays, built up a large LED display for Chongqing Daguan Highway Service Area. The outdoor LED screen standing in the eastern district and, regardless of volatile weather, works 24/7 to offer drivers current traffic information with clear and vivid images.

INFiLED Chongqing Daguan Service Area LED Display Case Picture

With 4.6m tall and 6m long, the LED display has a high resolution of 1536*1152 with a 4mm pixel pitch, generating great full-color pictures of great clarity that will quickly capture people's eyes under any weather conditions. In the meantime, the LED screen can endure a harsh natural environment and constantly deliver superb visual performance with individual cabinets rated IP65 against water and dust. Other features like low power consumption and easy maintenance realize long service life while costing less labor and material.

The INFiLED P4 LED display is a perfect solution in traffic applications to share road information, issue warnings, announcements, and bring visual pleasure to drivers resting at the service area.

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