INFiLED Contributes to the Construct of 5G Infrastructure

The concept of Intelligent Transportation System is come up with the background of internet of all-things, Artificial intelligence and Big Data. Recently, as an important terminal product, the 21 INFiLED's street light pole LED screen WL3.9mm with size of 625*1250*160 were installed in the core location of Futian District, which is the financial, commercial, cultural, leisure, and central of Shenzhen. Futian road carries the daily travel demand of more than 1.34 million passengers.

INFiLED Contributes to the Construct of 5G Infrastructure 1

Since 2018, the local governments of Guangdong, Shanghai, Nanjing have issued planning and construction standards for smart light poles and provide vigorous support for the related program, aiming to build an urban intelligent light pole management platform with full coverage of 5G infrastructure. 

At the high speed of the 5G, smart light pole screens with fixed geographic coordinates and a complete power supply network play a huge role in traffic instruction and convenient services, improve urban management efficiency and provide Shenzhen residents with a safe and comfortable travel experience.

INFiLED Contributes to the Construct of 5G Infrastructure 2

the WL LED screen can release broad information such as municipal publicity, commercial advertising, traffic guidance and weather in real time. It can play high-definition and colorful picture according to festivals and major events in the city to create atmosphere, adorn the city. Equipped with remote control system can detect of air quality, wind direction, noise, temperature and humidity of the surrounding environment.

INFiLED Contributes to the Construct of 5G Infrastructure 3

The INFiLED’s street light pole LED screen WL series can be widely installed at the housing estate, bus station, parking lot, walking streets, tourist attractions, highway and etc.

With dual high-value commercial and livelihood, the installation of WL series light poles will become an important micro-base station for 5G construction of Futian Road and as well as the neural node of Shenzhen intelligent city construction in the future.

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