INFiLED Decorates the Core Area of Changzhou Cultural Palace Commercial District with a Massive L-shaped Screen

The project consists of an INFiLED P10 LED screen that covers a total area of 365.6 sqm with a width of about 50m and a height of about 8m. The large, dynamic LED advertising display integrated sound and picture to fully activate the audience's senses maximizing the advertising effects and value. The on-site installation was completed in just 3 days.

Aiming to meet the needs of the multi-level development of new businesses, Changzhou, China, continues to actively promote the integration and development of related industries such as Culture and Tourism using Science and Technology. Recently, INFiLED undertook the LED display project of Changzhou ICBC Building, and built the largest outdoor advertising screen in Changzhou Cultural Palace business district.

To fit the building's exterior side, INFiLED developed a customized high-end intelligent LED module. The unique design of this L-shaped display does not only increase the viewing angle of the advertisement, but also captures the public’s attention from two directions. Even when viewed from hundreds of meters away, the displayed content is accessible and visible as well. The huge corner screen is integrated into the building and the result was breathtaking as soon as the screen was lit up.

Unlike ordinary outdoor advertising displays, this customized INFiLED outdoor LED display uses a special matte black flame-retardant mask, which creates an ultra-high contrast, perfect color performance and impeccable display effects. The overall displayed content is smooth and coherent without mosaic.

In order to limit environmental impacts, China is focusing on building an eco-friendly and energy-saving society with low-carbon footprint. As a leading Chinese high-tech enterprise, INFiLED follows the national strategy, focusing on the development of energy-efficient technologies and products maintaining high quality. The installation of the LED screen of the Changzhou ICBC Building is the embodiment of this idea.

The brightness of the LED screen can be adjusted accordingly based on the surrounding conditions, preventing from undesirable visual impact to the passing pedestrians and cars, caused by high brightness or screen glare.

Outdoor LED displays require by default high quality standards and robustness because they are sensitive to the external environment and climate. With up to IP65 (front/rear) robust design, the Changzhou ICBC Building´s LED screen allows stable operation even under harsh weather conditions.

Furthermore, it is equipped with temperature-control cooling system which provides enough protection to run uninterrupted 24/7 for long-term operation.

The success of the Changzhou ICBC Building´s installation proves the strong technical skills and deep knowledge of INFiLED´s R&D team. Investing in R&D, INFiLED always puts quality first, and constantly provides customers with the best solutions, fastest maintenance and energy-efficient LED displays.

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