Malaysia Mac Store

In a mall of Malaysia's CBD, Mac, as an internationally renowned brand, has a specialty retail store with sophisticated decoration, forming its own style.

Our partner setup a 20sqm ER(p3.9)LED Screen for it.

As the store's "face", the ultra- definition INFiLED LED display with strong color expressive force and visual impact is undoubtedly the highlight of consumers' first impression.

The delicate and vivid performance effect attracted a large number of customers and went into the store to know more. The application of the LED display makes the original simple space in the store even more atmospheric. Bring a different shopping experience to customers virtually.

"God is in the detail", this is in line with the retail store to provide customers with personalized service and sense of belonging, also coincide to Our ideas to provide best LED display services for retail stores and open a new era of retail display area.

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