Beijing Wangfujing Maolong Jewelry City

From the famous overseas crafts shop of the early last century, transformed into the treasure Hall after the founding of the People ’s Republic of China. Maolong Jewelry, a well-known and time-honored brand, Beijing Wangfujing Maolong Jewelry City, a China's top historical and cultural value landmark.

As early as the beginning of 2014, as an international brand LED manufacturer, INFiLED built a giant screen advertising display with a pitch of 12.5mm on the roof of Maolong Jewelry City. As people's pursuit of visual perception becomes higher and higher, at the request of advertisers, INFiLED replaced it with a high-definition giant screen with pixel pitch of 7.8mm.

On October 31, 2019, the total area of more than 330 square meters outdoor high-end customized huge B series full-color LED screen were successfully installed on the roof of Maolong Jewelry City. From the construct stage to the very end of the project, the entire project only took a few days. After being lit, this large-sized screen with its unique advantages brought a strong and shocking visual impact instantly. This customized right-angled corner + outer arc display has a perfect smooth display effect, which attracts passersby to stop frequently. When they saw it, they couldn't help praising: "This is definitely the best outdoor billboard in Beijing."

The replacement of this LED display and its lively playing screen brought a new advertising presentation to Maolong Jewelry City. It immediately refreshed with a new image and became the new focus of Wangfujing. In just a few years, Maolong Jewelry City has continued to cater to the needs of the audience, and has also been refurbished and renewed.

Our technicians encountered some difficulties while the replacement of the display. How to change a large pitch LED screen with smaller pitch LED screen, In the case without changing the site's steel structure, decoration, power supply, etc. This brings great challenges to product design. But eventually, with INFiLED’s strong technical strength and delicacy management of construction, our technical team solved problems and completed this project outstandingly. Resisting the wind and heavy snow, this screen is Stability and security, not afraid of temperature changes, also not afraid of the strong ultraviolet rays in the north. No matter how harsh the environment, its quality and display effect won’t be affected.

The people's quality of life is improving, China is growing, and INFiLED is growing.

The pitch of the screen is getting narrower, but the brightness is higher; the power consumption getting lower, but the protection level is higher. This screen has witnessed the rapid development of China's economy and it also has witnessed the rapid development of China's electronics industry in recent years. This screen become a beautiful scenery on the world-famous Beijing Wangfujing Street.

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