Shanghai Home Expo

Recently, Shanghai Home Expo invests in a large number of INFiLED P series panels.
Shanghai Home Expo is a market leader featuring signature collections of glamorous home furnishings in China. Having hundreds of prestigious international brands with innovative design, their dream is to create a home that represents the ultimate luxury.
Operating a 52,000 square meters shopping center, Shanghai Home Expo is trying continuously to update its’ look to meet customer’s growing aesthetic level. One of the manager at the shopping center said, “To live a more comfortable life is the inner desire of every one”.
“Visual experience becomes an essential part of our daily life, when you go out, you can see there are pictures and motions everywhere at the high-end shopping malls, cinemas, hotels, bars, meeting rooms and etc., even when you are at home, you will spend a lot of time watching TVs. LED display has contributed a lot in enhancing our visual experience”, the manager said.
“INFiLED aims to provide the customers the best products and best experience”, Sales Manager Yin said, “We share the same dream with Shanghai Home Expo that is to provide the customers the best experience and let them enjoy the ultimate comfort and luxury”.
“The P series panels made a large curve screen in the shopping center. With a resolution up to 7000 pixels, it provides truly seamless and unmatched image quality, presenting customers awesome visual experience. It’s a perfect match for the luxury show room”, Yin said proudly.
Better screen, better life. INFiLED cares for improving people’s visual experience in the worldwide. We will continuously supplying the best products and best experience to the customers to present the world a visual feast!

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