INFiLED once again powers Ten Dots'virtual production

INFiLED LED screen once again powers Ten Dots virtual production

In September, Ten Dots, a first-rate virtual production studio from Bulgaria, built a new virtual filming stage in Sofia. As a premium partner of Ten Dots, INFiLED offered a complete display solution for this innovative stage, including a 204-square-meter LED backdrop and a 72-square-meter LED ceiling.

Ten Dots studio has collaborated with INFiLED since its inception in 2020, and its first investment was a large concave screen made of 400 DB series cabinets from INFiLED. This screen with smooth curves and outstanding color rendition can accurately present the three-dimensional effects and lighting effects required for virtual shooting and has greatly helped the studio's film and television production.

Out of the trust in INFiLED products and the need for business expansion, Ten Dots chose to continue to work with INFiLED this year, and invested more than before.

INFiLED LED screen once again powers Ten Dots virtual production

The LED background built this time adopts the DB series again, with a size reaching 34m wide and 6m high. In terms of image quality, it features a pixel pitch of 2.6mm, and a high refresh rate of 7680Hz, the presented images are high-definition and fluent without graininess, conveying visuals with strong artistic appeal. Moreover, its vertical and horizontal viewing angles both reach 160°, which allows for freer lens movement and fewer restrictions on creativity during virtual shooting.

To create a more immersive filming environment than before, Ten Dots has also added AR series LED ceiling for its new virtual production space. This series has a calibrated brightness of 5000nits and a 10-bit HDR 25-120Hz, which can smoothly display scenes with slight color gradients and a large range of the same color blocks, such as the "sky". Besides, the AR series is ultra-light, only 10.9kg per cabinet, and offers truss brackets and stacking pedestals to facilitate ceiling installation.

In addition to having high-quality LED displays, Ten Dots' virtual shooting is also equipped with NOVASTAR MX40 Pro screen controllers to ensure that the rendering engine output is delicate and realistic; the controllers, integrate well with the applied Mo-Sys StarTracker Camera Tracking System, allowing the displays to be precisely synchronized with the camera, resulting in refined and high-quality content.


INFiLED is an international high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D and manufacturing of large-scale LED video equipment. By now INFiLED's products were exported to 87 countries and applied in various fields including transportation, sports, events, conferences, and creative applications. Focusing on independent innovation and continuous improvement, INFiLED is striving to be a top-brand LED screen manufacturer to enlighten the world with a visual feast.

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