TomTom Productions Push Boundaries with VuePix INFiLED

VuePix INFiLED large screen classic case

TomTom Productions, the Edgy Visual Production Company based in Queenstown, NZ, has recently invested in more VuePix INFiLED LED screen technology.

Renowned for pushing boundaries of visual productions and creative event management, the TomTom Productions team have been utilising VuePix INFiLED technology for their projects for almost 3 years now. Their first investment into VuePix INFiLED was a purchase of Deep Black series back in 2019. Initially the DB2.6 panels were chosen to fit many of their requirements for a fine pixel indoor screen. However, the 'big screen' became such a popular element of their creative productions, that their clients were wanting it for almost every event.

VuePix INFiLED large screen classic case

Their recent investment was the VuePix INFiLED AR5 Outdoor panels, adding the option of large-scale outdoor display for their upcoming shows.

“Queenstown is a unique place for event production with limited venue capacity and almost never in purpose build spaces, so we are mindful that what we invest in has to be flexible and serve different situations, spaces and event types,” explains Hamish Roberge, MD of TomTom Productions. “What we needed was a product which we could use outdoors but also had a fine enough pitch to use indoors.”

The important part of the purchase was a comprehensive range of accessories for the screen, tuning up the flexibility factor for the LED displays to be flown, ground stacked or creatively configured. The mix of full size and half size cabinets was chosen, all with an excellent brightness of over 5,000 nits, making sure the screen delivers superb visuals at any time of the day, even under direct sun.

“We went with the NovaStar A8s receiver cards in the panels, which are the higher spec & have a lower latency which is particularly important for live camera applications,” comments Hamish.

“This was a substantial investment by TomTom Productions and we needed to ensure the product would meet all expectations. The VuePix INFiLED AR outdoor panels were the perfect fit, being lightweight yet robust, super bright, quick and easy to build and most importantly – reliable,” says Garth Reynolds, Branch Manager of our Australia partner ULA Group NZ. “It is always a pleasure dealing with Hamish and the TomTom Productions team and working with them to make their creative ideas a reality”.

True to their reputation, the TomTom Productions team keeps pushing the boundaries and delivering some epic events and productions, with VuePix INFiLED screens performing for the Rhythm & Alps, Super Smash Cricket Queenstown, a line up of outdoor sporting events and many more.

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