INFiLED LED Walls upgrading the Messe Frankfurt Live Streaming Studio to a Great Immersive Space

INFiLED provides indoor small-pitch xR virtual shooting LED screens for the live broadcast studio of the Frankfurt exhibition in Germany

SHENZHEN, China, March 16, 2022 -- INFiLED, a global leader of LED displays, is excited to provide a complete LED solution for the Messe Frankfurt Living Streaming Studio in Germany to build its xR stage. A large, high-resolution curved LED wall with physical props, constitutes an immersive live-streaming environment for the host and guests attending the programs.

INFiLED offers a fantastic display effect that delivers a real and believable image on camera and features a virtual 3D stage. Fifteen meters wide and three meters high, the LED wall consists of the DB2.6 series modules except a small oblong area composed of 28 DB1.9 series. With the application of multimedia technology, this gigantic screen can display unique content simultaneously.

For this tremendous visual performance, INFiLED fine-pixel-pitch DB series takes the credit. High grayscale levels, high refresh rate, and high brightness contribute to the unparalleled image quality. It adopts ultra-black masking materials and exclusive black LEDs and offers a new contrast level. The DB series cabinets have an innovative and user-friendly locking system concerning its structural features. They can form both concave and convex screens to cater to different customer demands.


INFiLED is a leading high-tech manufacturer specialized in the development and provision of large format LED display solutions. INFiLED's product application range covers digital signage needs across the transportation, sports and conference & exhibitions sectors, in addition to providing solutions for command & control as well as corporate branding and meetings scenarios, in addition to other creative applications. The firm possesses over 178 patents, among the most in the industry. With installations in over 85 countries, INFiLED is one of the world's leading LED screen brands, dedicated to the mission of enlightening the world with a visual feast!

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