INFiLED LED Display as the Backdrop of “Celebritee Showdown” Live Stream

California, America, August 15th, 2021—INFiLED, a global leader in LED displays, is happy to see its LED display showed up online and was seen by millions of audience in “Celebritee Showdown”, a live show where celebrity guests were invited to play golf on a simulator, competing for the prize money to be donated to a charity.

INFiLED LED Display as the Backdrop of “Celebritee Showdown” Live Stream

During the game interval, the anchor and the guests were seated right in front of the INFiLED LED screen, talking and interacting with the audience. 10m wide and 2.5m high, the curved screen created a great shooting environment for the production team by displaying clear, bright and vivid background pictures and naturally connecting the playing area and the interview area.

The screen is made up of INFiLED DB series with a fine pixel pitch of 2.6mm. Best known for its super black design, the DB series utilizes ultra-black masking material and exclusive black LEDs to offer high contrast ratio. Together with high brightness, high refresh rate and high grayscale, it guarantees extraordinary display performance under any lighting conditions.

INFiLED LED Display as the Backdrop of “Celebritee Showdown” Live Stream

In addition, the DB series is equipped with more ergonomic design to improve the installation process, such as a fast lock system quickening assembly of cabinets and a curving system allowing both convex and concave configurations with only 3 steps.


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