INFiBanner Installation Stands Out at BMW Booth

Shenzhen, China - July 2020. A massive number of 1,399 INFiBanner LED displays with a pixel pitch of 5mm decorated the BMW booth during the GBA International Auto Show in Shenzhen creating a state-of-the-art visual effect.

INFiBanner Installation Stands Out at BMW Booth

BMW used the linear-shaped INFiLED displays to create a high-end creative installation that caught the eye of attendees and customers. A large part of the LED strips was hanging from the ceiling while the rest was wall-mounted maintaining a clean, open space look giving flexibility to the company to showcase its products in the best possible way.

Despite the complex ambient lighting at the Auto Show, the anti-glare coating and reflective treatment on the surface of INFiBanner made it possible to deliver an impressive color result. With a neat and elegant installation design, as well as its unique technical features the LED INFiBanner display added a unique charm to the BMW booth.

INFiBanner Installation Stands Out at BMW Booth 2

INFiBanner series comes as a response to an increasing demand for innovative and high-end LED displays. It is a linear shaped LED strip that can be adapted into a variety of shapes and installations creating unlimited possibilities. It features 2 screw and 2 magnet sliders for easy and flexible installation at any site conditions. Designed with edge protectors to prevent physical damage during assembly. Available in multiple dimensions, from 480mm, 500mm, 520mm, ... to 960mm.

Designed for a variety of spaces INFiBanner series can be installed at company buildings, stations, airports, museums, shopping malls and other places, it can also be used for decorating the doors, reception desks, lobbies, showing rooms, stages etc.

INFiBanner Installation Stands Out at BMW Booth 3

This is not the first time that INFiLED LED displays are chosen by the giant car manufacturer. At the Belgium BMW New Product Launch Event in 2019, an exclusive large-scale stage was formed by the INFiLED P series, creating another spectacular installation and event!

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