Irene Grandi concert tour

The Great Tour of Irene Grandi began to celebrate the 25-year career in Riola Sardo.

The Music Service was supplied by ROBE lighting projectors and the 23sqm INFiLED LED Wall(ER Series p3.9)indoor panels for the realization of the video screens.

Claudio Cianfoni worked on the lighting and video concept.

The LED Wall were at the center of the show spread over two depths, creating a design that could perspective combine the 3 screens into a single figure, results in a unique illusion of three-dimensionality and perspective.

Claudio says“I chose INFiLED products for the the reliability on tour, the lightness and the quality and configuration of the panels, and also the feature of easy assembly and disassembly. I think that the INFiLED LED Wall has been fully respected and improved the efficiency of work. In particular, I am very satisfied with the uniformity of the colors and the high brightness. "

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