Huangshi Garden Expo Park, Hubei Province

The theme of Huangshi Garden Expo Park is "Transforming Huangshi Lingxiu Hubei – Green Leads the Future." Focusing on the theme of green development and based on the principles of thrift, grandness, warmth and peacefulness, the park expo arranged ten theme activities, including the opening ceremony of the garden expo & mine exposition, the two summit forums of ecological culture and mine exposition, Investment and Trade Fair and project signing ceremony and so on.

Dance Floor screen of INFiLED belongs to the first ones who created the interactive screen for stage. The high contrast, anti-reflective and anti-slip surface results in perfectly uniform blacks and video every time, and even at wide viewing angles. With its good bear-loading ability 2,500kg/㎡, it can achieve perfect stage effect easily as it can even hold the biggest SUV-class cars.

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