The 3D naked screen created by INFiLED was unveiled in the 2-4 square, Vietnam

In January 2022, an eye-catching naked-eye 3D LED display appeared on the 2-4 square in Nha Trang, Vietnam. This magnificent screen made of INFiLED has a surface area of 150 square meters, and the dynamic pictures on it present a wonderful stereoscopic visual effect.

The 2-4 square located along the shore is one of the most iconic attractions in the bay city of Nha Trang, and there are always hordes of tourists here all year round. Against a background like this, our investor Alta Media Digital intended to do something special in this popular square, that is, to build a giant screen with strong visual impact, attract passers-by to stop and watch, and effectively spread the displayed brand image.

Taking into account the surrounding environment of the site and the popular trend of the outdoor screen market, the most suitable for the investor's requirements is the naked-eye 3D screen, and INFiLED is the obvious choice with previous experience in the production of such screens.

Technically, the principle of creating a glasses-free 3D screen is to mount two LED screens at a right angle of 90° and then display the front view on the larger screen and the corresponding side view on the smaller screen.

To achieve an immersive 3D effect, it is important to make the connection between two screens natural. INFiLED has done a good job in this regard, the entire LED display equipment is built with our ER3.9, each single cabinets have an edge thickness of barely 68mm and weigh only 12kg. These thin and light components are combined through a stacking system, to form a natural whole on the 2-4 square, with a seamless connection between its two screens.

From the visual sense, for naked-eye 3D screens, the most essential aspect is luminance. With 5,000 nits of brightness, the INFiLED 3D screen can distinctly display content outdoors, whether day or night. Another aspect worth concern is the accuracy of color display. The ER series applied has a high refresh rate of 3000Hz, outstanding 16-bit grayscale, and supports a resolution of up to 1920*1080 pixels, ensuring accurate and smooth presentation of dynamic images.

About INFiLED ER series

ER series is a rental LED display with fine pixel pitch, suitable for indoor and outdoor application scenarios. It is equipped with magnetic components on the top and bottom of the cabinet and has positioning pins, which are convenient for quick and seamless connection between cabinets. In addition, the series has a variety of features designed for outdoor utilization, it can be installed by stacking system or hoisting system, supports front and rear maintenance, and has an IP rating of 65.


INFiLED is an international high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D and manufacturing of large-scale LED video equipment. Up to now, INFiLED's products were exported to 85 countries and applied in various fields including advertising, transportation, sports, events, corporate branding, conferences, and creative applications. Focusing on independent innovation and continuous improvement, INFiLED is striving to be a top brand of LED screen manufacturer to enlighten the world with a visual feast.

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