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Indoor? Outdoor? Stacking? Hanging? Curved? Flexible? Don’t forget to come to us. We can customize the shape, pixel pitch and brightness of the LED display to meet every specific needs, helping customers to better deliver their brand concept and information. We believe a solution can always be found, right now, we have gained a lot of practical experience, including The Green Lantern Sign at Disney Theme Park, the creative human face screen at Andy Hui's Concert, the tiger screen at Miss Hong Kong, the AO screen at Australia Open, the ball shape screen at bring the world madness concert and the Arcadia Spider at Glastonbury Festival.

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Green Lantern Sign 1
Green Lantern Sign 2

Green Lantern Sign

The Green Lantern symbol is simply a rather simplistic drawing of a green colored lantern, which is their central power source, from which their rings derive power. Green is the color from the visible light spectrum associated with will power. The stronger their will, the stronger their attacks and constructs will be.

Australian Open

Australian Open 2017

The 2017 Australian Open was a tennis tournament that took place at Melbourne Park on 16–29 January 2017. INFiLED made a huge LED AO logo at the park for welcoming all visitors of the Grand Slam of Asia-Pacific. Each letter is over 3m wide, with the native resolution of approx. 768x768 pixels per letter.

Australian Open 2
miss hong kong
miss hong kong 2

Miss Hong Kong

The Miss Hong Kong Pageant, organized by HK-TVB, aims at enhancing the image of Hong Kong abroad by selecting young women who are truly representative of the beauty and culture of Hong Kong. From 1980s, the once a year pageant has become one of the most buzz-worthy events in Hong Kong.