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INFiLED Won the Best Mall or Shopping Center Award

INFiLED’s fixed installation Digital Wall Bristol Airport is proud to be honored by DailyDOOH for the Best Mall or Shopping Center Award. 

The DailyDOOH Gala Awards recognizes excellence and promotes best practice in the industry. It is an event that has firmly established itself as the sector’s only credible awards ceremony as well as becoming one of the most important fixtures in the industry’s social calendar.

The new digital wall provided by INFiLED has combined innovative technology and creative strategy to deliver something truly unique to the overall passenger experience. Measuring an immense 14m×2.5m, the display has been seamlessly integrated into the physical space to create a captivating digital platform.

Unlike most digital airport displays used primarily for advertising purposes, the digital wall is more of a creative canvas, using cleverly designed content to give viewers a sense of current location whilst also connecting them with their next destination. The content was split into six categories;sense of place, destinations, amazing journeys, brand template, advertising and theatre.

Incorporating live data, such as local weather and time specific to the destinations and with imagery relevant to the time of day, the display is being used to connect viewers with their upcoming destinations. Flight path animations are also being used to visually represent the geographical element to travel.
INFiLED is very proud of the nomination and winning of this prestigious solution. Based on the principle of customer first, we will keep on innovating and providing customers the best products and experience.

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