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INFiLED Exhibited Varied Solutions at InfoComm 2017

InfoComm 2017’s visitors hailed from all 50 United States and 117 countries and it's 950 exhibitors anchored a massive expo that spanned more than 545,000 net square feet of exhibits, demo rooms, and special events space, making it the biggest InfoComm ever.
INFiLED has exhibited varied solutions at InfoComm 2017, again, we have attracted many customers’ attention. “Dream big so that you can reach your full potential”, said INFiLED’s
marketing manager Polo, “Striving to be a top brand LED screen manufacturer, we have kept on innovating. At InfoComm 2017, we have launched varied solutions including Perfect Wave Screen Solution X Series, High Definition Solution HD Series, Easy Rental Solution ER Series and Smart Solution S Series”.


The most eye-catching product is Wave Screen Solution X series. Combined by two kinds of pixels 3.9mm and 2.9mm, the screen curved like a snake with a dimension up to 11500mm x 3500mm and its resolution reached to 3940 x 1440 and 840 X1176 separately. “This is perfect”, one of the visitors said, “ it is easy to build diversified creative curved screens and it has excellent display performance, this is quite fit for the rental market, i believe many customers would be crazy about it”.


Another popular product is HD series which is the perfect high definition LED display solution for applications with high requirements, such as broadcasting, command & control, meetings etc. “I really don’t know how to describe it’s popularity among customers, it seems all the world and his wife has been there especially when our CEO Michael is presenting a speech on it”, sales Joy said, “customers really love the display performance of HD series, and the experience sales even said they have never seen such high definition screens before”.


Since launched, ER series became more and more popular among customers, and now it is definitely one of the hottest products of INFiLED. As a new member added into ER family, the exhibited ER4.6 is perfect for outdoor application since it has used the high contrast black LED and it’s brightness can be up to 5000nits.


“We want to help our customers wow audience” said INFiLED’s CEO Michael, “Keep on innovating and updating our products based on customers’ needs, we want to produce something new every time we show up. Right now one of our big aim is to promote the environmental protection and energy saving with advanced technology, hope one day we can lead the green trend in the LED industry”.

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