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INFiLED Participated infoComm16 in Las Vegas

June 8-10,INFiLED participated infoComm 16 in Las Vegas, United States. infoComm is the largest, most exciting event in the Western Hemisphere focused on the pro-AV industry, here you can learn the latest audiovisual technology and grow your professional network. 

InfoComm16 welcomed more than 38,833 visitors, 4.8% more than the last time the show was held in Las Vegas and of whom, 35% were visiting InfoComm for the first time. Participated it many years, INFiLED has been the old partners of infoComm and has always trying to bring its latest technology and new products here. This year, we have launched total 5 products on the exhibition which includes ER easy rental solution, DF interactive dance floor, SL touring rental solution, and S high definition solution.

DF series has always been the eye-catching product for its interactive feature, on which you can build interactive content on it that will respond to your movement on the screen. This time, we have enriched the games including hitting the jackpot, playing the piano, fighting rats and chasing wave screen etc. Many people stopped at INFiLED’s booth to interact with DF series, they said it is very amazing and had a lot of fun.

ER series is the most demanding product for customers for its easy rental solution. It is light and slim and has many creative and user-friendly designs to achieve convenient and faster installation including fast lock, positioning pre-locks and carry handles and the screen has high protecting level with front and back service options for quick and easy maintenance. Customers liked it very much and kept asking more information about it.

During the exhibition, INFiLED’s booth was also praised by its eye-catching display. One customer said to our salesman that INFiLED’s color, refresh rate and grey level is much more better than the screens around and can even rank top three among all the booths during the exhibition. Also, the content was very appealing to them.

INFiLED pays a lot of attention to American market, and America's attention to special and high-end products will drive us to forge ahead.
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