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INFiLED Successfully Held Its 2016 New Year's Eve Party

INFiLED held its New Year's Eve Party on Jan 30 at Shitan Town Changfeng Hotel.  The party was full of laughter and screams with excellent performances and exciting lucky draw activities.
The party began with CEO Michael's opening speech. With a formal while humorous express, he made a conclusion for year 2015 and pointed out the direction for year 2016.

This is only the 7th year for INFiLED but these people has accompanied INFiLED over 3 or 5 years. The development of INFiLED attributes a lot to their contribution. In their heart, INFiLED is not simply a company but it's their child.

Wonderful dance from financial girls Lady Seven.

Outstanding Staff Award and Outstanding Cadre Award, all pays deserve gains, just look at their smiley face, how beautiful!

Here comes to the most exciting activity-lucky draw! Everybody wishes himself or herself to be the lucky guy, whenever a name is going to be read out, our heart will beat faster and eyes will be full of expectations.

"Dwarf Dance" is very popular in recent years, but the Design Department has combined the dance with the handwritten couplet. How creative!

Wonderful songs from Production Department. We all cheer for them like this is a great concert.

International Sales Department's opusculum Bromeo has showed us their vivid acting skill. Ha-ha, do you have any bromeo?

After singing and dancing, the dinner begin. All the leaders begin to make a toast table by table, at the same time, some of us start to play Wechat Red Envelope game and some to take photos. 

The party is so successful that we all don't want to leave. Let's expect for a bright 2016!
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