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INFiLED Established Its Overseas Branch Office in USA

On Jan. 1st, 2016, INFiLED established a branch office in USA. In this new year, we will dedicate more resources to North America to provide faster and better service to our customers and partners there.
Adhering to the principle of Customer First, we always take into consideration the customer’s point of view. The establishment of an American INFiLED not only shows our high attention to the US market and the confidence in we have, but it also expresses our sincerity in providing better service to our customers there. 
INFiLED here is very honored to introduce to you our two valued partners Mr. Marc Van Eekeren and Mr. Steve Simard in the USA branch office. Mr. Marc Van Eekeren has over 15-years of work experience in the LED industry which includes Vice President of Worldwide Sales at Element Labs and as Vice President North America at Barco Media. Mr. Steve Simard is a bilingual professional who has a strong 17-year track record in the Hi-Tech industry with experience as Business Development Director at VER and as Director of Displays Technology at Niles Creative Group, among other related experiences. 
They are both recognized as leading experts in the LED display industry. We believe with their help, the customers in America can have a closer and faster communication with INFiLED to gain deeper insights and they will be able to provide timely support on products and projects to further build our competitive advantage. Timing is perfect as America's attention and interest in customised and high-end products positions us as the premier partner in the market.
We are looking forward to the expansion and market development and we firmly believe that in the future there will be more and more INFiLED products shining at every corner of the world!

INFiLED's CEO Michael is having a pleasant and deep conversation with Marc & Steve
     INFiLED's CEO Michael is having a pleasant and deep conversation with Marc & Steve

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