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INFiLED's Participates America LDI 2015

October 23-25, the 28th Live Design International Show 2015 was held on Las Vegas, America. INFiLED , a company dedicates itself to the development of innovative technologies, has brought its new products to the exhibition and received high praise.


During the exhibition, INFiLED has displayed its new products including ultra-thin rental panel SL6, interactive dance floor DF7 and perfect wave screen X3. SL6 has a very super-light weight and can be built and joint in any angles for creative application, what's more, the super frame and set carts has been applied for easy building and convenient transportation. X3's flexible frames and masks allow for curve angles up to 20 degrees per panel to form perfectly smooth curves.DF7 is our newly update interactive dance floor panel combined with advantages like high load carrying capacity, anti-reflective, anti-flip and easy building etc. Different products have different features for varied customers' needs.

INFiLED'S Booth has Attracted Numerous Visitors to Come

LDI not only is the leading global trade show and conference for live design professionals, but also is the biggest trade show focus on entertainment technology in North American. INFiLED's products being widely acknowledged in the exhibition is beneficial for us to speed up the steps to develop overseas market as well as to improve and strengthen our overseas layout.

Customers are Interacting With Dance Floor DF7 at INFiLED'S Booth

INFiLED has showed the customers our strong creative and dedicated spirit in the exhibition, yet we will still work hard and firmly believe that in the future, there will be more and more INFiLED products shining at every corner of the world!
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